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Ah, weddings. Love is in the air, a ring is on your finger, and the realization of your now gargantuan to do list is crushing.

How do people do this? Spend $20,000 on a planner? Quit their jobs to plan their weddings?

So, you go to Google. There is so much out on the web about weddings! You can do this yourself! And you quickly realize that for every 100 pretty wedding pictures, there might be 1 useful tool to help you get this thing planned.

Fret no more.

I’m Kate, married in November 2016, and I have created a simple, streamlined approach for wedding planning. Your engagement should be spent celebrating with your fiance, families and friends. While these tools won’t eliminate the (exciting) stress of planning a wedding, I promise you that they will help. Every piece of content on this website is created to add maximum value in minimum time. I spent 10 months engaged, with a hired wedding planner, still scouring the web — let me provide you with a curated space housing the “best of the best”.

The Bride Boss is a resource for the bride who doesn’t want to hire someone to handle every detail, but needs to know what to do when, and how.

And girl, have fun. You’re getting married. Let’s get this stressful stuff out of here.